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Fields Specialized Translators for Business, Academic, and Legal Chinese Translations

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Chinese Translation Services, USA

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Serves the government, NGOs, non-profit organizations, corporations, law firms, and small businesses in DC and throughout the world.


Chinese Translation Services,USA (CTS) is an internationally recognized certified Chinese translation service. CTS provides unparalleled language precision, cost effectiveness, and revolutionary efficiency. We are the worldwide industry leader in Chinese translation and interpretation services.

Washington, DC

The Nation’s Leading Chinese Translation
and Interpretation Agency

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Chinese Translation Services, USA is focused on providing the highest quality of English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation and interpretation by the nation’s leading translation/interpretation professionals. We are a family of translation and interpretation enthusiasts striving to provide accurate and fast translation to your satisfaction. We handle translation and interpretation projects in various fields including law, science, medicine, manufacturing, government, international organizations, academia, literature, and others.

We are located in the heart of Washington, DC. Our clients include law firms, financial institutions, corporations, government, think tanks, NGOs, and private citizens in both the United States and China.

Why Chinese Translation and Interpretation is Important


billion people can be reached who speak Chinese


Chinese Regions are the largest trading partners of the United States


of Chinese Americans speak and read Chinese as their primary language

Chinese Translation Services USA

Why Choose Us?

Our translators and interpreters have served Fortune 500 companies, the World Bank, the U.S. Government, and many other organizations.  We are the nation's foremost Chinese language service focusing on document translation and interpretation.  We work on translation documentation and interpretation services in over a dozen industries including international business & development, law, medicine, technology industries, and finance.

Meet Chinese Translation Services, USA

Chinese Translation Services, USA (CTS) is an internationally recognized certified Chinese translation, and interpretation service. CTS provides unparalleled language precision, cost effectiveness, and revolutionary efficiency. We are the worldwide industry leader in Chinese language translation and interpretation services.

We Love to Translate
Your Documents

  • Business documents
  • Civil certificates (birth certificates, marriage certificates)
  • Employee manuals
  • Legal documents
  • Websites
  • Medical documents
  • Literature, among others.

Lightning Fast
Delivery and Sevices

Most translations are completed within 1 day. We also offer a same day guaranteed urgent translation service.

Laser Sharp
Precision and Accuracy

All of our translations are independently reviewed by another translator prior to submission.  We uphold the strictest and most up-to-date translation guidelines to ensure that our translations set the bar for quality and expertise.

Our Professionally Trained Staff Is At Your Service

Our translators and interpreters are educated in English language and Chinese language translation and come from the very best universities in China and the United States.  You can be rest assured that their abilities to translate their documents and interpret for you will be top-notch.

Absolute Security
and Confidentiality

Our online payment and document transmission system is SSL encrypted. We require background checks and legally binding contracts for our certified translators and interpreters to ensure that your information and documents are kept strictly confidential.

Serving a Wide
Range of Organizations

Chinese Translation Services, USA specializes in professional Chinese language translation and interpretation services for individuals, NGOs, corporations, law firms, governmental agencies, and universities throughout the United States and the world.

Seize Local and
Global Opportunities

For entrepreneurs, investing in English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation services allows them to tap into business opportunities with the Chinese, Chinese American, and Asian American market.

Premier Customer Service

We place a high value on our clients' trust and we repay that trust with excellent and professional output deliver on time and on budget.  We believe in outstanding customer service for absolutely every client.

Legal Confidentiality
and Security

We value client confidentiality and safety more than anything else. Translators and interpreters for Chinese Translation Services, USA are legally bound to non-disclosure agreements to ensure the strict confidentiality of your documents. We are ISO 9066 compliant and secure-server in all of web and internet communications.

Legal Document Accuracy Guaranteed

Professional technical translation services ensure that sensitive information concerning matters of life, health, death, finances, citizenship, and ownership are accurate. This is vital in cases such as academic coursework transfer from China to the U.S., birth certificate translation for USCIS, or immigration to U.S.

We Serve All Your Translation Needs!

Certified Translations

For individuals that need

certified Chinese and English translation

for documents like birth certificates.


Document Translation

For organizations that need

professional Chinese document translation.

Legal Translations

For law firms/individuals that need

certified legal document translation to

and from Chinese.

Website Translation

For entities needing website

translation for Chinese/English

speaking audiences.

Captivate Your Audience 

Corporation Translations

For businesses that need professional

translations like press releases and

marketing materials.

Academic Translations

For individuals needing a

foreign credential evaluation &

academic certified translations.

Translation and Interpretation Videos

The Importance of
Good Translations

Translations Require Cultural Context and Understanding

Humorous Examples
of Bad Translations

Professional Relations Marred
by Bad Translations

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Certified translations have a flat per page fee. If your document does not require a certification then it is a professional translation priced per word.


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4 Receive Your Translation

You will receive your translation along with any necessary certification by email generally within 1 day and mail as soon as 1 business day.

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